Audio Dramas and Narration

2023The Wrong StationNarrator Ep 115The Wrong Station LLC
2023Once Upon A WastelandAlexAnthria Fantasy Works
2023A Fairytale for AdultsDaniella/NarratorTales of the Forgotten Fiction Network
2023Dead WrongHarper HuangRoad Trip Audio Dramas

Interactive media

2023Reanimated HeartMissy the MothSolo developer
2023Crush CrushKiraSad Panda Studios

Studio Specs

  • Microphone: Neumann TLM 103

  • Interface: Arturia Minifuse 1

  • DAW: Adobe Audition

Raw Studio Sample


Hi! My name is Navasha and I am a Taiwanese-American Voice Actor and Singer based in Texas. I've always had a passion for acting and bringing characters to life, but I started my VO journey in November of 2021. When not in the booth, I can be found snuggling with my dog, terrorizing my friends with cricket noises, or just generally wreaking havoc and bringing chaos.As a musician, I began playing violin at the age of 5. My grandparents brought home a tiny violin from Taiwan and I was hooked! I branched out into choir in 5th grade, managed to worm my way into All-State choir in High School, discovered a love for Musical Theatre, and a small hatred of music theory along the way. In the theater, I've worked with the likes of Steven Schwartz, Adam Pascal, and Steve Lutvak.Questions, comments, concerns for the wellbeing of humanity? Feel free to reach out! I'm most responsive through Discord and email, but I can also be reached on Twitter and Casting Call Club!